Hema actively pursues Spanish expansion

Hema actively pursues Spanish expansion

Dutch store chain Hema wants to invest quite a lot into its Spanish expansion over the next few years. It has plans to open 40 stores in the next three years, way up from its current total, namely 3. 

At least 80 Spanish stores

Hema's fourth Spanish store is also its first not located in Madrid. Barcelona will get the honours in June, with the 1,125 sqm store located just off the Las Ramblas.


The company intends to speed up its expansion over the next few years. Country Manager Guillaume Lemaire said, in an interview with Spanish paper Expansión, that another 40 stores should open their doors in the next three years and that the company has plans to increase the number to 80 stores in total. In the end, 200 Spanish stores should become a reality. 


It has been two years since Hema's first Spanish store and the company now has more than 700 stores in 7 different countries. The majority is located in Belgium and the Netherlands, but an international expansion is a priority for the company, as it will also expand its store network in the United Kingdom.