Go omnichannel! Exclusive DIY workshop for company leaders

Go omnichannel! Exclusive DIY workshop for company leaders

The world around you is omnichannel… but is your company not there yet? Get to work right now! Join CEO’s and C-level managers like yourself and participate in Home of Retail’s interactive DIY workshop “Go Omnichannel” to get your company up to speed!

Inspiration, insights, action

This is how your customer buys: have you seen a nice item in the web shop following a marketing deal in the brochure? Nice, let’s look up some reviews on Amazon, ask a question on Facebook, try it out in the store and order it right there through the app.

The interactive DIY work shop “Go Omnichannel” will get you up to speed:

-        Inspiration: eCommerce manager Thomas Vaarten will share his omnichannel experiences at JUTTU (winner of RetailDetail’s Ominchannel award 2017) and A.S. Adventure.

-        Insights: Gain valuable insights into your omnichannel performance and position thanks to Roland Mulder and Dennis van Hattem’s Maturity Check. Find out how far you’ve come so far compared to others and which progress your company can still make.

-        Action: Experience the anyVille tour focused on omnichannel and reflect on what to learn and on what to focus.

Want to participate in the Go Omnichannel! workshop? Click here to subscribe. Attention: be fast, because there are only a limited number of places. This workshop is catered towards retailers.