EBay teases Amazon with ‘Crash Sale’

EBay announces ‘Crash Sale’

On July 15th, Amazon will be launching its Prime Day promotion. On the very same day, eBay organises a 'Crash Sale'. The site promises extra discounts in case the Amazon servers fail again.


'Extra deals'

Ebay has announced a ‘Crash Sale’ on July 15, cheekily referring to the technical problems Amazon faced last year on Prime Day – a discount event exclusively available to Amazon Prime members. Due to the enormous interest, many people looking for a sale were unable to reach the site or experienced great difficulties. Despite these issues, the event was a major success for Amazon, leading to a record turnover.

EBay adds that additional discounts will come if Amazon's website crashes again. The site also remarks that its promotions will last for three weeks and won't require anyone to pay for a membership.

This isn't the first time the two companies butt heads. Amazon has been dominating the e-commerce market for years, causing competing retailers to offer more discounts during peak seasons. EBay has also accused Amazon of stealing its best sellers. On the other hand, the two companies have collaborated in the past to combat problems common to both of them, such as the issues with fake products.