Are robots taking over our stores?

Are robots taking over our stores?
Home Of Retail

Will robots soon replace store employees? It is a fascinating, but frightening question. RetailDetail will investigate in its new co-creation platform Home of Retail.

Shopper is in favour of the idea

Robots have already invaded the logistical world, but what part will people still play in stores? A new Roland Berger study answers this poignant question and the results will be revealed on 7 June in Antwerp, at the official “grand opening” of co-creation platform Home of Retail.


Some insights? Robots are usually deployed to welcome, inform, entertain and promote. Carrefour’s Pepper robot pilot showed that its number of interactions is thirty times higher than when consumers have to interact with mere digital terminals. This shows that shoppers are in favour of the idea. Nissan dealers welcomed another 18 % of customers when robots were involved, Japanese Softbank noted a 38 % customer increase and Nestlé sold another 15 % of products when robots were added to Japanese department stores as a sales tool.


Inspiring story

An international collection of press, politicians, retailers and experts will put all of their senses to the test on Wednesday, to experience how tomorrow’s shopper will shop. The one-of-a-kind knowledge center Home of Retail, unique in the world, will bring together retailers and experts to build the future of shopping. 


Want to experience this groundbreaking project? This movie will show off a snippet of what to expect. Well-known people, like Erwin Van Osta (Hubo), Gino Van Ossel (Vlerick), Cate Trotter (Insider Trends) and Herman Toch (Anchorage) are excited about Home of Retail. Discover an inspiring story!