Amazon to donate unsold goods after all

Amazon to donate unsold goods after all

Amazon has launched a new programme to donate unsold goods to charity. The company has been attacked for systematically destroying such goods up till now.


Donating as standard option

The new ‘Fulfillment by Amazon Donations’ programme is aimed at external parties who sell on the platform and leave the storage and distribution of their goods to Amazon. Starting 1 September, the donation programme will be the standard option for all such parties in the United States and the United Kingdom, who want to get rid of their unsold products.


In order to ensure a smooth donation process, Amazon will work together with American and British charities, such as Good360, Newlife, the Salvation Army and Bernardo’s. However, the donation remains an option, so sellers can opt out of the donations if they want to.



The new programme is a response to the backlashes Amazon faced each time another news item was released about it destroying thousands of unsold and returned items. An undercover story by French channel M6 caused a major stir earlier this year, when the American retail giant was proven to destroy 'superfluous' items on a huge scale.


CNBC says the new programme will make the donation of products a lot cheaper for the external sellers, as many of those preferred destruction over donation because it was cheaper than taking the products back themselves.