Strong year for Jysk's parent company

Strong year for Jysk's parent company

Danish Lars Larsen Group, which owns furniture chain Jysk, has reached record results in its fiscal year 2016/2017: the group generated a 4 billion euro (30 billion Danish krona) turnover  and its EBITDA was 3.4 billion Danish krona (450 million euro).


“Satisfied with result”

Jysk’s 3.36 billion euro turnover provided the majority of its parent company’s turnover. “I am very satisfied with the result and it shows that the Lars Larsen Group’s investments have paid off. I have always been patient, but I am a business man, so it is important that the Lars Larsen Group’s companies continue to improve”, Lars Larsen said. 


The group not only has Jysk, but also has investments in a range of other companies, including car manufacturers, golfing equipment and restaurants. These contributed a 5 billion Danish krona (670 million euro) turnover. “It is no secret some of these are still onerous, but I think it is important they are heading in the right direction”, Larsen added.