Habitat makes its comeback in Belgium

Habitat makes its comeback in Belgium
Picture: Cineberg / Shutterstock.com

Three years after leaving the Belgian market, the interior chain Habitat is back in the country. At first only with an online shop, it is also expected to reopen physical stores there soon.


First step

After an absence of three years, Habitat is making a comeback on the Belgian market: after a departure in 2017 following disagreements with the local franchisee, the chain is back with an online shop. That is what Franck Galibert, collection director of the furniture and decoration brand since last year, said in an interview with Sabato: "Of course, the Belgian online shop is a first step towards new physical Habitat stores. Belgians are keen design enthusiasts, so I am pleased that we can be present on this market again."


Galibert intends to give the brand its own identity and vision. During lockdown, he also completely reviewed the collection. Consumer demands have indeed increased during the last few months: comfort is now the number one concern, he noticed.


Habitat, originally a British brand, has been in the hands of the French Cafom Group since 2011 - with the exception of the British stores, which still belong Sainsbury's. However, since the end of last year, the French holding company has been looking for a buyer. In addition, loss-making stores will close.