PepsiCo launches its own webshops

PepsiCo launches its own webshops
Photo: Screenshot PepsiCo

FMCG giant PepsiCo has launched a 'virtual pantry' in the United States: the producer of soft drinks, potato crisps and more now also supplies directly to consumers via two webshops.



PepsiCo dives into the direct-to-consumer market during the coronavirus crisis: now that it appears that people snack a lot more while at home, the FMCG producer has launched and for American consumers to order food and get it delivered to their homes free of charge within two days. Orders can also be sent as gifts to friends and family.


On, PepsiCo offers pre-assembled product bundles in packages between 29 and 49 dollars. The packs include Quaker breakfast cereals, Tropicana fruit juice and energy drinks, depending on the chosen theme. At, consumers can choose from dozens of individual references from Lay's and Cheetos, among others. More products will be added in the coming months.


The webshops were set up in less than thirty days (from conception to implementation) by the company's own e-commerce team, PepsiCo's Gibu Thomas said. Due to the confinement during the coronavirus crisis, people snack a lot more at home, both during work and home schooling or after exercise. Consumers are also increasingly using e-commerce to buy food and beverages, so PepsiCo hopes to tap into that trend with this double launch.