Mexx's German branch also bankrupt

Mexx's German branch also bankrupt

Fashion chain Mexx's German branch has been declared bankrupt, just like the Dutch branch earlier this month. In total, some 35 stores are affected, although they will remain open for the time being as the chain may continue in a slimmed down capacity.

Lower turnover

Mexx Germany managed a 2013 turnover of some 40 million euro, but wasn't able to repeat that feat in 2014. As the German stores no longer had the financial support from its Dutch parent company, it became really difficult to survive and - prompting its bankruptcy. Guardian George F. Kreplin emphasizes the stores will remain open, while he will also try to keep incoming shipments going.


Mexx Netherlands went bankrupt at the beginning of December and its guardian also decided to keep its 315 stores open. The company had been struggling for a few years already.