Kellogg's markets vegetarian sausages

Kellogg's markets vegetarian sausages
Incogmeato (Kellogg's)

The market for meat substitutes is getting crowded: every self-respecting food multinational is now trying to create its own 'meatless meat'. Kellogg's now joins the club, launching two types of vegetarian sausages under the Incogmeato brand.


New market

Kellogg's introduced Incogmeato in September last year as a sub-brand of the vegetarian label Morningstar Farms, and announced it will make meatless versions of burgers and chicken. The company is now adding bratwurst and Italian sausages to that range. The new products will be on store shelves from June onwards.


"We think this category is still in its infancy and there's a tremendous opportunity to delight consumers with a portfolio of products that meet their flexitarian needs", Yahoo quoted general manager Sara Young of Morningstar Farms.


Impossible Foods, one of the pioneers in vegetable burgers, announced its own meatless alternative to pork in January. Competitor Beyond Meat already sells vegetarian bratwurst and Italian sausages as well. Pork is the most consumed meat in the world, but in the United States it ranks third after chicken and beef.