Kellogg’s turns cereal into beer

Kellogg’s laat bier maken van afgekeurde ontbijtgranen

Kellogg's and Seven Bro7hers Brewery are collaborating to make three different kinds of beer from three different kinds of cereal: Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes and Coco Pops.


IPA, stout and pale ale

Last year, the cooperation started with the ‘Throw Away IPA’, a bitter beer that was made from Corn Flakes that did not pass the strict quality control of the cereal factory in Manchester as they were too big, too small or too coloured. It was only brewed in small quantities, and became a bit of a sensation.


That was enough of an incentive for both companies to launch two more beers: the ‘Sling it Out Stout’ is made from Coco Pops, en the ‘Cast off Pale Ale’ from Rice Krispies. The collaboration is an innovative way to reduce food waste and allows us to lower our impact on the planet, a representative of the American cereal giant said.