Jumbo tests smart shopping cart


Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo is testing a smart shopping cart in Veghel, near Eindhoven. The retailer wants to find out to what extent the new technology adds value for its customers.


Artificial intelligence

The smart shopping cart is equipped with cameras and a touch screen and uses artificial intelligence to independently recognise and register the products added to the cart. On the touch screen, customers can keep track of the total amount of the groceries and receive notifications of which products are on offer. In the future it should also be possible to allow customers to pay via the screen.


The tests by colleagues and customers should allow Jumbo to determine where opportunities and limitations lie and whether shopping is also more fun and easier for customers. Based on those experiences, the retailer then will decide whether the innovation will actually be rolled out in the stores. "We are constantly looking at how we can apply the very latest innovations and technologies to improve our services to customers and to continue to surprise and inspire them", as Tim Hehenkamp, ​​Director Technology & Data at Jumbo, explains.