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Inditex surpasses 100 billion euro stock market value

Inditex surpasses 100 billion euro stock market value

Spanish fashion group Inditex (owner of Zara and Massimo Dutti) has surpassed the 100 billion euro milestone on the stock market, an achievement it owes to its 18.1 billion euro turnover and 2.5 billion euro profit.

Only 80 companies worldwide

That 100 billion euro stock value means Inditex is now part of a very elite group of absolutely huge companies, as there are only 80 companies worldwide with that value (or more) - among which only six companies in Europe: newcomer Inditex, AB InBev, Sanofi, Unilever, Bayer and Total.


Inditex' stock market performance is also good news for founder Amancio Ortega, as he is now the world's second richest man, trailing Bill Gates (former Microsoft CEO).

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