Delhaize launches "healthy subscription" for companies


Belgian supermarket chain Delhaize is launching a subscription service that allows companies to offer their employees a discount on healthy food products.


20 % discount

The 'Healthy Membership Program' builds a pilot project called Healthy Ucoins, which Delhaize and software company Unbox tested two years ago with a selection of companies. Employees of participating companies can enjoy a 20 % discount on products with the green (i.e., "recommended") Nutri-Score A en B in all Delhaize stores in Belgium. However, here is a maximum discount of 60 euros per month.


“The analysis of that pilot project showed that substantially more Nutri-Score A en B products were sold if the participants received an extra discount on the purchase of these healthier products. It is indisputable proof that behavioural reward systems are the future”, Erik Saelens of Unbox explains in a press release.


The concept is also very attractive for companies and organisations, as it is exempt from taxes and social security contributions. It can also be combined with other benefits, such as meal vouchers.