Delhaize launches convenience concept Fresh Atelier

Delhaize Fresh Atelier
Foto's Delhaize / Minale Design Strategy

Belgian supermarket chain Delhaize has unveiled a new store concept with an innovative mix of fresh meal solutions, 'on the go' shopping and city pick-up points for online shopping. The chain hopes to open 200 of such stores in the next three years.


Instant retail

"This is an example of 'instant retail', in which offline and online shopping and on the go are combined for the first time in this way," says CEO Xavier Piesvaux. He aims at urban customers, who are familiar with digital technology, want to win time and still want to eat healthily.


The tiny concept (80 to 100 sqm) features a 'Fresh Atelier', where sandwiches, snacks, smoothies, soups and hot meals are prepared on the spot. There is a self-service salad bar and shoppers have the choice of 1500 references of bread, pastries, salads, snacks and drinks. Checkout is done efficiently with Quickscan cash registers and - from February - also with a scan & pay app.


Pick-up points

In addition to the on the go range, customers can also place an online order from Delhaize's complete range of 15,000 references and collect them the next day. Without saying as much, Delhaize therefore opens the first 'city drive' in Belgium: a pick-up point for pedestrians.


Fresh Atelier is a franchise concept, just like Proxy Delhaize or Shop & Go. The first location is in the Ravenstein gallery near Brussels Central Station. A second store will open in Leuven this year. If the results are positive, Delhaize sees a potential to open 200 locations in three years, especially in city centres.