Customers in Zeeman underwear commercial

Customers in Zeeman underwear commercial

Dutch chain Zeeman has launched a new underwear ad campaign, featuring 'normal' customers parading in underwear. Out of more than 8,000 entries, Zeeman picked 90 customers to participate.

'Underwear for everyone'


The goal is to show that Zeeman has underwear for everyone. "I think it is wonderful that Zeeman has chosen regular people as we are the ones wearing their underwear. Top models have lingerie on that we cannot afford", one of the models, Annie Karssen, said. "I totally agree with the notion that many models in ad campaign do not paint a realistic picture", Pim Steemers concurred.


A while back, Zeeman had asked its customers if they were willing to pose in their underwear, to which the company received overwhelming feedback. More than 8,000 people were willing to do so and after a casting session, 90 'models' remained, all of whom are in Zeeman's new ad campaign.