Colruyt extends till-free shopping to OKay

Colruyt extends till-free shopping to OKay
Foto: Colruyt Group

Belgian retailer Colruyt Group has extended its 'till-free' test to three supermarkets of the OKay chain and one of OKay Compact, after having trialled it in Spar shops earlier. 


Shop faster, pay mobile

The pilot project of till-free shopping at a number of Spar stores, announced in February and adopted in June, is now extended to two more labels of the Colruyt Group: OKay (three stores) and OKay Compact (one store in Brussels). Starting at the end of this month, customers can scan and pay their groceries with their smartphone. "This fits neatly in our brand promise at OKay: fast, cheap and easy shopping", says marketing manager Michon van Doorn. 


Customers have to log in using their Xtra card, then they scan every item in their cart and afterwards, pay using a banking app. A QR code then shows on their phone's screen, allowing them to leave using a separate turnstile. Products like fruit and vegetables can be bought using special digital scales. 


The shops will not be completely without tills however, as in this trialing period the manned tills will still be kept as well.