Coca-Cola launches subscription service

Coca-Cola launches subscription service

Soft drink giant Coca-Cola has created a subscription service, giving fans the chance to taste the latest drinks before they even reach the store. Within a few hours the trial service was fully booked.


Limited number of places

Subscribers to the 'Insiders Club' will receive a parcel once a month, so they can taste the latest Coca-Cola products. The subscription lasts six months, and members pay 10 dollars (9 euros) per month or a one-time fee of 50 dollars (45 euros).


Coca-Cola had only created a thousand membership places for the trial, which were sold out after only a few hours. A waiting list has since been created, which already has 8,000 people on the list, according to Fast Company. They will receive a message when more slots open up. This expansion is likely to take place in the course of next month.


"We are absolutely thrilled to see how quickly the Insiders Club sold out in three hours. It confirms consumers are truly passionate about our portfolio of brands and innovations", said Alex Powell, Digital Experiences Manager at Coca-Cola North America. "It proves there is an opportunity to scale in order to allow more people to participate."