Carrefour rewards customers who bring in new customers


At Carrefour Poland, shoppers can enjoy great discounts by convincing others to shop online with the supermarket chain.


A win for new customers

The idea is for the recommendation system to give Carrefour's online shop a boost and turn the retailer into an e-commerce leader. "Recommendation systems are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, and that's why we decided to launch one for our webshop. We are convinced that through this, we will gain many new and loyal customers," said Michał Sacha from the marketing and e-commerce department at ESM.


Registered users can send a referral to their friends for Carrefour Poland webshop. In order to benefit from the discount on their first purchase, new customers must place an order amounting to at least 50 zloty (11.5 euros). When they reach the checkout, they will immediately receive a discount of 20 zloty (4.5 euros), while the referrer receives a purchase credit of 30 zloty (7 euros). Using this method, each individual customer can introduce up to three new customers.