Carrefour customers deliver groceries through Merci Voisin

Carrefour customers deliver groceries through Merci Voisin

Supermarket group Carrefour launched a new platform in France, called Merci Voisin (Thanks neighbour). This allows customers to have their online orders delivered at home for a small fee by other customers, basically an Uber for groceries, sort to say.

Similar formula in Belgium

Customers that use Merci Voisin have to register in the app and have to choose whether other consumers can deliver their groceries or whether they want to deliver groceries themselves. In exchange for their services, the couriers get a small fee and they will be judged after each delivery. This will inform other customers which couriers have a good reputation.


There have been similar initiatives, but it is not that odd that Carrefour launched one of its own: first of all, it is a familiar name, which will encourage more people to give it a try and it also has plenty of customers, enlarging its platform to find couriers as well. This will help customers find someone who is willing to bring groceries at a time of their choosing.


Carrefour Belgium is also doing a similar trial, in collaboration with Bpost’ bringr. This platform uses couriers based on location and gradually expanded its reach to a majority of Belgium over the past year.