Auchan plans new hypermarket and supermarket formulas

Auchan plans new hypermarket and supermarket formulas

French group Auchan wants to launch a new hypermarket formula in March 2019. The group will also export its Chinese formula Auchan Minute to other countries.

Fewer private labels

The new formula should help the hypermarket to survive, according to CEO Wilhelm Hubner. The formula is no longer called a hypermarket internally, which is Hubner’s way of saying that Auchan will bring something entirely new to market. It is not entirely clear what it will be however. The new formula will not only be introduced to France, but also to other countries where Auchan’s position is already strong.


The company also wants to expand its Auchan Minute formula to other countries. The convenience store formula already has a strong presence in China, but will enter other countries soon, including in France.


Hubner also wants to reduce his number of private labels: currently, Auchan has 230 private labels, but the CEO wants to limit that to a mere fifteen in the future.