Amazon launches its own meal box

Amazon launches its own meal box

Amazon keeps up its innovation drive and has now turned its attention to the meal box industry. In several cities with a Amazon Fresh presence, customers can now order a meal box.

Next step

The price varies from 15.99 dollars (almost 14 euro) to 19.99 dollars (17.5 euro): meals are always for two people and the ingredients are packed in the appropriate amount, which enables the customer to quickly prepare the meal.


According to several Prime subscribers, the meal boxes have already been part of Amazon Fresh’ product range for several weeks, but that does not seem to be the case everywhere. It clearly shows that Amazon is still trialing the formula.


The company currently only presents seventeen different meals, alongside the meal boxes from other brands that are still available on Amazon Fresh. When the news broke about its own meal box, Blue Apron’s share took a big hit. Blue Apron is the largest meal box seller in the United States.


Meal boxes are another step in the fresh food industry for Amazon. It launched Amazon Fresh in 2007, an online supermarket that is now active in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom. It also recently acquired American supermarket chain Whole Foods, which set the industry ablaze. Amazon is also still working on its own cash register-free supermarket formula.