Amazon and Diageo create shoppable videos

Amazon and Diageo create shoppable videos

Amazon entered a collaboration with liquor manufacturer Diageo to create several “shoppable” videos revolving around cocktails based on liquors like Captain Morgan and Smirnoff.

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Diageo goes to famous bars in Sydney, Barcelona, Mexico City, San Francisco and Taipei to discover cocktails based on the group’s well-known brands. Viewers from Germany and the United Kingdom can click on the video to arrive on an Amazon-hosted Diageo product page according to Twinkle.


Shoppable videos are no longer a novelty, because several companies already used them a few years back, in an attempt to entice viewers to buy straight from the ad. Levi’s created several videos in 2014 that featured the brand’s fans and viewers could immediately to go a page to buy the clothing on display.