Albert Heijn cuts 150 managerial posts

Foto: Bjoern Wylezich /

Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn wants to simplify its organisation and cuts 150 managers' posts. They are redirected to other jobs in the company, that emphasises it does not want to lay off anyone.


Made redundant

The Ahold Delhaize subsidiary wants to shorten its internal lines of decision and starts a reorganisation that makes 150 managers redundant. Those are mainly working in the HR and Finance departments in Albert Heijn's headquarters in Zaandam, but also in the operational and regional management teams throughout the Netherlands. Afterwards, other parts of the organisational structure will be looked at as well: in several teams, "jobs will change, old jobs will end and new jobs will start", the retailer told RTL Z.


The reorganisatie follows the appointment of CEO Marit van Egmond last February. She has already made changes to the board of directors last May, the simplified management structure should be implemented by October.