Ahold Delhaize launches digital lab in the United States

Ahold Delhaize launches digital lab in the United States

Ahold Delhaize’s American division will found a new company focused on digital innovation: Peapod Digital Labs will become a lab for new digital, eCommerce and personalization strategies. 


Engine for new eCommerce and digital strategies

Peapod Digital Labs will become fully operational before the end of the year according to Ahold Delhaize USA’s press release. The new company will operate independently under JJ Fleeman’s leadership. He is Ahold Delhaize USA’s Chief eCommerce Officer and also helped Delhaize’s integration into Ahold Delhaize USA.

“We are excited about this new company, which will serve as the engine that powers our U.S. eCommerce and digital strategies," said Kevin Holt, Chief Executive Officer for Ahold Delhaize USA. “"As one of the largest grocery retailers and a market leader in home delivery on the East Coast, the great local brands of Ahold Delhaize USA have a strong heritage of innovation.”

Holt aims to use Ahold Delhaize’s American chains’ size and scale as leverage to give customers a more personalized and effortless store experience. The press release explicitly states that the lab’s innovations are only for the US market. It is not clear whether Ahold Delhaize Europe will be able to use the technologies as well.


Goal: "Create a never-before-seen omnichannel supermarket experience”

Ahold Delhaize USA aims to follow Wal-Mart and Amazon and to use digitization and new technology “to beome the best” in customer experience, director JJ Fleeman said. “Whether we are talking about meal inspiration, online shopping or our stores’ personalization, Peapod Digital Labs will improve American customers’ digital experience.”

Peapod Digital Labs is not only linked to its online grocery service Peapod by name, it will also manage the e-commerce company: “We have an incredible opportunity to build on Peapod’s long history of innovation and to create a never-before-seen omnichannel supermarket experience”, former strategic head of Ahold Delhaize USA, Fleeman, said.