Ahold and Delhaize merge into one in the United States

Ahold and Delhaize merge into one in the United States
Roman Tiraspolsky / Shutterstock.com

The AholdDelhaize merger continues: in January, both Ahold USA and Delhaize America will merge, which will lead to more cost-cutting measures for the Belgian-Dutch merger company.

Save up to 750 million euro

Ahold Delhaize’s American operations are currently still made up from two companies: Ahold USA and Delhaize America. However, starting 1 January, these will cease to exist and become Ahold Delhaize USA. That makes sense, because the United States are a prime market for the group: it generates two thirds of its total turnover in this region alone, which was one of the main reasons for the merger.


The merger company can cut costs if it merged its American activities, because then it can get rid of double positions. “Some support positions will be cut”, Ahold Delhaize informed. It did also say the move would help create new jobs.


Considering Ahold Delhaize promised to cut 750 million euro in costs by 2019, preferably through synergies, it will need to cut American costs by a lot. For the time being, every supermarket chain in the United States will maintain its own identity.