SuperGroup will open SuperDry Sports stores

SuperGroup will open SuperDry Sports stores

Fashion brand SuperDry’s parent company, SuperGroup, is preparing a range of SuperDry Sports stores, with the first planned for October in the French city of Grenoble.

Target the growing athleisure market

Four new stores should quickly follow that first store opening, leading to five SuperDry Sport stores by Christmas. SuperGroup aims to tap into the growing market of leisure sportswear and to turn the brand into a global lifestyle brand. “The sports industry’s predicted growth will most likely outpace tha tof the fashion industry”, CEO Euan Sutherland said. “We are already part of the athleisure market with our sweatshirts, t shirts and sweatpants, but we are now moving towards more technical sports clothing.”


SuperDry currently has about 900 stores in sixty different countries and generated a 77 million euro pre-tax profit (up 18.4 %) and 12.7 % like-for-like turnover growth in its last fiscal year. It also managed to become break-even in North America, partially thanks to seven new stores.