Personalize Adidas shoes on Zalando

Personalize Adidas shoes on Zalando

Zalando added the ‘Miadidas’ tool to its web shop, meaning customers can now personalize their Adidas shoes - a first for a third party seller.

Only in Germany

Miadidas has been part of Adidas’ web shop for a while, giving the customers a choice of colour and material. Short messages (like numbers or names) can be added to the shoe as well. Based on 3D images, the customer can view his or her shoe. Orders are manufactured within six weeks and shipped to the customer. Miadidas is currently only available in Zalando’s German web shop.


It is not the first time both companies have collaborated to launch a novelty: previously, Adidas’ stock in physical stores was linked to Zalando. On top of that, the sporting brand launched collections on Zalando or has even created exclusive collections for the fashion web shop. It is clear both German brands get along extremely well.