& Other Stories launches beauty vending machine

& Other Stories vending machine at Galeries Lafayette
Photo: H&M Group

H&M subsidiary & Other Stories, which also has a range of beauty products, is testing a vending machine with its products in Paris. The retailer wants to promote contactless shopping during the coronavirus pandemic.


The return of vending machines

Fashion brand & Other Stories has installed a vending machine for bath and body products at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in the French capital. It is located in the women's fashion department on the second floor and offers a limited range of the retailer’s own branded products, including hand soap, mini hand creams, eau de toilette and perfume.


"By reviving the idea of the vending machine, & Other Stories transforms a seemingly forgotten space into a small hub offering fragrances and beauty products while simultaneously telling their story," says a blog post from the fashion group. However, H&M is not the only retailer to rediscover this machine: from jewellery retailers to discounter Aldi, vending machines are clearly making a big comeback.


Smart expansion

With low prices (between 5 and 30 euros) and contactless payment, H&M hopes to reach more consumers in a very accessible way. The vending machine should look like a mini version of the brand's stores, arousing the curiosity of consumers or serving as a quick point of sale for existing customers.


The vending machine is a test carried out in collaboration with The Laboratory, the innovation department of H&M Group: “We strive to constantly develop and challenge ourselves and there is always room for interesting new ideas and initiatives. With this pilot together with & Other Stories we want to offer a great customer experience with convenience and local relevance by being present in customers everyday life. We test small and scale smart once having learnings, starting with one location in Paris”, says Anna Tillberg Pantzar, head of The Laboratory. If successful, the concept can also be rolled out elsewhere and possibly extended to other products or even other brands.