Louis Vuitton cancels American pop-up stores

Louis Vuitton cancels American pop-up stores
Louis Vuitton

Fashion brand Louis Vuitton cancelled a few upcoming pop-up stores in the United States and Canada after issues at previous launches.

Long queues

Louis Vuitton used the pop-up store formula to launch its Supreme collection and each opening generated a lot of hype, too much in fact. Last Friday, a pop-up store opening in Los Angeles had to be shut down prematurely because the store could no longer handle the rush of customers. A lot of people slept on the sidewalk and an enormous queue had developed.


Even after customers were told the pop-up store would no longer open its doors, a lot of them stubbornly stayed. Some had waited for days to get in and the police had to come to vacate the area.


Locations are a secret

The company did not get permission to open its planned pop-up store in New York. The problems surrounding the pop-up stores and the safety issues were the main reason for the city’s denial.


Pop-ups in cities outside of North America, like Paris, Tokyo and London, opened without any issues. Louis Vuitton does keep its pop-up store locations a secret, only revealing the actual location on Instagram moments before the opening. It even darkens the windows so that no one can see inside.