Itsapark: H&M's new platform for sustainable fashion


H&M is launching Itsapark in Germany. It is an online platform dedicated to sustainable fashion and home furnishings. The platform provides detailed information to enable customers to choose the sustainable aspects they consider to be important.


Shopping more responsibly 

The webshop wants to be the destination for everyone wanting to shop more responsibly. Studies have shown that the willingness to shop sustainably is higher than ever, and H&M responds to this demand with its new multi-brand platform where only sustainable items are for sale, writes Vogue. Customers will find a curated selection of products from about 100 brands with which Itsapark collaborates based on a kind of marketplace principle. The brands include small beauty brands, but also local interior design manufacturers. Only six of these brands belong to H&M itself. The webshop also has a platform on which consumers can rent pieces of clothing. 


All brands on the platform meet several sustainability criteria, such as circularity or ecological production. For each product, these "advantages" get explicitly mentioned on the webshop. Customers can also filter the offering, allowing them to search for products based on the criteria that are most important to them. The platform's slogan is #yepthatcounts, which indicates that each individual choices can make a difference, no matter how small.


Two years ago, H&M already announced the launch of a platform called Itsapark, says FashionUnited. Then, the intention was to develop a sort of fashion guide, where consumers could also ask questions and receive advice. They retained the name, but the concept has changed radically.