H&M displays sustainability profile on products


As of today, H&M will give an initial selection of its products a sustainability score. The score will allow customers to assess the environmental impact of a particular item better.



Each product gets a Higg Index Sustainability Profile. They are assigned a score from "basic" to 3, taking into account the environmental impact of the materials and resources used. Products with the highest impact on the environment are rated 'basic', while more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives are rated 1, 2 or 3. For each product, detailed information is also available on the impact on water consumption, global warming, the use of fossil fuels and water pollution.


Pascal Brun, head of sustainability at H&M, calls the scoring system an invaluable milestone. "We are convinced that transparency is the key to changing the fashion industry, and we are excited about further developing this tool so that in the near future, we can share even more environmental and possibly social data on our products with our customers."


The scores will be listed on the product pages on the webshop. In physical stores, customers can access the data by scanning the product's barcode with the H&M app.