Cora Kemperman clothing chain went bankrupt

Cora Kemperman clothing chain went bankrupt

Dutch fashion chain Cora Kemperman's founder confirmed the company has gone bankrupt. The group had 5 boutiques in the Netherlands and 3 in Belgium, which will now all close.

"Lack of experience"

Cora Kemperman's Belgian stores are located in Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent, while its Dutch locations are Arnhem, Maastricht, Breda, Rotterdam and Utrecht. These will all shut down, just like its web shop - which no longer accepts orders "because of a technical malfunction".


Founder Kemperman confirmed in NRC Handelsblad that suppliers were informed about the decision and that a guardian has already been appointed. According to Kemperman, the company was already in trouble in March and it closed a first store (in the Leidsestraat in Amsterdam) at the end of May. It is said a lack of experience caused huge issues for the current organization.


Designer Cora Kemperman launched her ladies' fashion chain in 1995, for a specific target audience, mainly women between 40 and 60 years. She created clothing collections filled with auspicious, often wide clothing. Kemperman retired in 2012 and sold the parent company Lafalda to her cousin Saskia Kemperman and entrepreneur Brigitte de Wilde. Back then, the company had a 10 million euro turnover, but it is not clear how much turnover the company had when it went bankrupt, nor how high its debt may be.