Children's fashion brand Fred & Ginger takes first steps abroad

Children's fashion brand Fred & Ginger takes first steps abroad
Foto: Fred & Ginger

Belgian clothing brand Fred & Ginger, part of the FNG Group, has now targeted foreign markets and it will sell its new fall and winter collection to wholesale partner for the first time.


Increased foreign demand

FNG Groep says there is increased demand for Fred & Ginger abroad. That is why it will now expand its reach to wholesale partners and therefore the international market. Up until now, the children’s brand was only available in its own stores in Belgium, but starting with the fall and winter collection, it will alter its approach.


Fred & Ginger was founded in 2005 and was the launch for FNG, which is now a steadily growing Benelux fashion group with activities all across Europe. The label is designed for children aged 2 to fourteen and is still designed by a team of Belgian designers. The wholesale launch will also be accompanied by a new, exclusive line of pyjamas and bags.


As part of the Fair Wear Foundation, Fred & Ginger’s production facilities are often checked for their labour conditions. Fair Wear Foundation is an independent organization that supports textile manufacturers to improve their manufacturing circumstances.