Belgian jeans is "most sustainable in the world"

Belgian jeans is "most sustainable in the world"

Antwerp entrepreneur Tom Duhoux has revealed his own denim brand called HNST and it presents itself as the world’s most sustainable jeans brand.

Save 6,000 liters of water per jeans

The collection of 8 different designs was created in collaboration with designer Ellen Robinson and its production process is entirely circular, which means that every jeans is made entirely of recycled and degradable materials.


The HNST jeans fabric is 56 % recycled denim, 23 % cotton and 21 % Tencel, which is in fact a wood processing residue. Every other detail, like the buttons, is made from recycled or degradable materials. Even the colouring is done in a environmentally friendly way. According to De Standaard, one pair of Duhoux’ jeans uses 6,000 liters of water less than other jeans.


The entire collection is currently available on HNST’s web shop and consists of four pants for women, three pants and a jacket for men. Prices vary from 135 to 199 euro. Once used, the jeans pants can be returned to HNST, which will then recycle them. The customer will in return get a fifteen euro discount for a next purchase.