Cooperative Menouquin joins Hagebau

Cooperative Menouquin joins Hagebau

Belgian’s largest cooperative in tools, hardware and DIY, Menouquin, will join German Hagebau, a move designed to help Menouquin grow.

Larger scale

Hagebau, founded in 1964, is also a cooperative, with 370 members that operate 1,700 stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain and the Netherlands. Together, they represent a 6.26 billion euro purchase volume and their turnover volume reaches 14.7 billion euro.


Menouquin will be able to operate at a larger scale thanks to this move, which is good news for its members. “This membership greatly improves what Menouquin can offer its own independent entrepreneurs”, chairman Olivier Leveau and managing director Daniel van Cauteren say.


Hagebau continues its rapid international expansion with the addition of Menouquin (and therefore Belgium). It only became active in Spain in 2015 and the Netherlands in 2016. Menouqion has 122 members and 125 stores. Two of those stores are located in Luxembourg, but the remaning 123 are in Belgium.