Natural shampoo sales grew most in shampoo branch

Natural shampoo sales grew most in shampoo branch

According to research from market researcher Lucintel, the worldwide shampoo market will have a 25.73 billion dollar (23.58 billion euro) turnover by 2019, with every subsection of the market enjoying growth by then.

Hairdressing innovation

Several new trends, like the emerging men's market and the increased natural and organic shampoo market, will help spur the growing shampoo demand. Changes in eCommerce and marketing will also help enlarge the market.


Lucintel even thinks a well-known category like dandruff shampoo can still grow, thanks to product innovations. Head & Shoulders says it is currently improving its own formula.


Dry shampoo is also moving forward: its market share in 2014 had grown up to 5 % thanks to an increased number of customers looking for convenience or environmentally friendly products.


Natural shampoo is the biggest growth branch, faster than any other branch of the shampoo market. Companies will obviously try to create several products to tie into that trend and when the consumer gets to know the advantages of this type of shampoo, sales will definitely increase even more.