Europe wants global ban on animal testing for cosmetics

Europe wants global ban on animal testing for cosmetics

Several Members of the European Parliament say the current European ban on animal testing for cosmetic purposes needs to be extended to a global one.


Alternative tests

The European Union banned animal testing for the cosmetic industry in 2013, but - according to the MEPs - that had little to no effect on the European cosmetics industry’s development. That is why these MEPs now want to convince other countries to follow suit. Currently, about 80 % of countries worldwide still allow animal testing for cosmetics. The target is 2023, but the United Nations will need to help achieve that. The European Union will provide assistance to develop alternative testing methods.


The demand for a global ban is also an attempt to avoid animal-tested cosmetics from reaching European shores. Companies now test their products on animals elsewhere and then try to have another test within the European Union (albeit not on animals), which paves the way for their release onto the European market.