Carrefour in partnership with pharmacy chain Medi-Market

Medi-market atCarrefour hypermarkt
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Carrefour Belgium and Medi-Market are entering into a partnership: Carrefour hypermarkets will feature shop-in-shops from the health and wellness retailer. Some hypermarkets will feature a real pharmacy.



Carrefour Belgium and Medi-Market Group have entered into a long-term strategic partnership, with the intention of opening branches of the (para) pharmaceutical chain Medi-Market in Carrefour hypermarkets.

In a first phase, shop-in-shops with health and wellness products will be opened in numerous Carrefour Belgium hypermarkets. These are so-called para-pharmacies where no pharmacist is present and therefore no drugs can be obtained.


Also "real" pharmacies

The branches will come within the store walls of the hypermarkets, but the sales space will remain separate, it is said. Not all hypermarkets will get such a shop-in-shop: that will depend on space availability and local demand.

In some hypermarkets, Medi-Market will open ‘real’ pharmacies.  However, Carrefour does not yet announce specific locations. The Belgian Medi-Market Group today has 30 parapharmacies, 16 pharmacies and three beauty institutes. Medi-Market Group wants to open more than 15 locations in 2019, part of which at Carrefour.