Tesla picks up the pace

Tesla picks up the pace

Tesla's sales are picking up steam: for its first quarter, a record-breaking 10,030 electric cars were sold - a 55 % increase compared to the year before. The company considers this a sign to unveil even more ambitious plans... starting with Formula 1!

55 % year-on-year growth

The 10,030 Tesla cars that were sold in the first quarter trumped the company's own forecast (9,500) and represent a 55 % year-on-year growth for its first quarter. Still, if CEO Elon Musk intends to reach his own 55,000 car forecast for the full year, the company will have to turn it up another notch. Lower fossil fuel prices are not exactly helping the company reach its target, as that does not encourage people to switch to an electric car.


To do just that, Tesla has immediately upgraded its Model S. Its entry model will get a 70 kWh battery (instead of 60 kWh), which should increase its range 15 %. That should help increase sales while people wait for the SUV model, called Model X, in the second half of the year. 


The flamboyant CEO has also announced support from the Formula 1 world as he has contracted Kenny Handkammer. "He will add Formula 1 techniques to revolutionize regular car handling", Musk said on Twitter. Handkammer, who has 25 years of pit-stop experience, helped Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel to become world champion several times, and managed to break the absolute pit-stop record in 2013 with his Red Bull Racing team: 1.9 seconds.