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Order at Starbucks from a Ford car

Order at Starbucks from a Ford car

Car manufacturer Ford revealed that its cars with SYNC3 voice technology can place orders at coffee chain Starbucks directly.


In a joint effort with Amazon and its voice assistant Alexa, Ford buyers can now place orders when they say "Alexa, ask Starbucks to start my order". Once said, their regular order will be placed at Starbucks and customers can pick it up at one of the previous ten Starbucks locations they bought something. 


Thanks to Starbucks' Mobile Order & Pay, which automatically pays mobile orders, the customers will not even have to wait in line.


Alexa's integration into Ford vehicles offers even more advantages than a mere cup of coffee, because the voice assistant can also provide travel directions or sports results.


Ford is not the only company to use Alexa, because Motorola will also implement the voice assistant in several new smartphone models. Amazon's competitor, Google, is also trying to get its Google Assistant implemented in as many devices as possible, as its struggle with Amazon continues. 

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