European car sales reach absolute low

European car sales reach absolute low

The European automobile federation Acea signals that the number of 7,842,000 car registration in the January-August period signifies the lowest number ever to be recorded for the first eight months of any year, since the start of the statistics in 1990.

Blood red August

Although in July it seemed that the European car sales had managed to end the decrease (July saw a 5% increase of new car registrations), the positivity was short-lived, as European sales dropped 5% again in August.  Only a handful of countries managed to buckle the trend, with Romania leading the way with a 25.5% increase. Belgium dropped 4.6%, while the Netherlands were amongst the negative frontrunners, plummeting 13.3%.


Pretty much every large European market lost ground in the first eight months of the year, like Spain (-3.6%), Germany (-6.6%) or France (-9.8%); Great Britain was to be the only large market still purchasing cars (+10.4%) . Belgium managed a slight 0.4% increase, while car sales in the Netherlands have completely crashed, dropping 31.6%.


Looking at each separate brand, it is difficult to find those that manage to remain on the rise. The Volkswagen group has Seat moving forward 9.7%, while at Renault only budget brand Dacia charged ahead with an increase of 18.7% - not enough to help the entire group to stay afloat.  Of the premium brands, only Mercedes (+ 5.6%) and Jaguar (+18.6%), alongside Land Rover (+8%), Mazda (+8.3%), Honda (+1.3%) and Kia (+0.5%), managed to move forwards.