Daimler Group outperforms expectations

Daimler Group outperforms expectations

German car manufacturer Daimler's second quarter surprised analysts: operating income surpassed expectations by 500 million euro.

Vans performed very well

Analysts had forecast a sizeable drop in operating income, but the company managed a 5 % increase, from 3.76 billion euro to 3.97 billion euro. Mercedes-Benz Cars, the group's most important division, did experience a slight slump, from 2.234 to 2.209 billion euro.


Van and bus sales were the major reason why Daimler Group's operating income turned out to surpass expectations: Mercedes-Benz Vans' operating income grew from 238 million euro to 462 million euro.


Despite the advantageous quarter, Daimler maintains its previous full-year forecast, namely that it will achieve a slight operating income increase compared to the year before.