BMW turns cars into 'driving stores'

BMW turns cars into 'driving stores'

German car constructor BMW has created the ConnectedDrive Store, which will enable drivers to use their car's infotainment system to download apps and buy services. It is yet another step towards eCommerce on the road.

Buy apps and services in your car

The Connected Drive System will enable customers to buy additional apps and services from their car. At first, it will focus on additional GPS maps or updates for navigational systems, but it will also have music streaming apps.


You can even rent a Caretaker, who will answer any specific question a driver may have, send messages and even make reservations at local restaurants, hotels or theaters. The German car manufacturer may even sell merchandising or maintenance items through its 'in-car' system. Once that has been done, it is but a small step to strike deals with supermarkets, department stores and other web shops...


BMW's ConnectedDrive Store will launch in the United States in the spring of 2015, with other regions to follow afterwards. The Apple Store and the Android Store will now have a new, dynamic competitor to face...