Decrease in wholesale bankruptcies

Decrease in wholesale bankruptcies

The number of bankruptcies has dropped 11.9 % in September and for 2014, the drop has been 7.12 % so far. The drop can be registered for every branch.

Wholesale has improved as well


It is the third straight month with a drop in bankruptcies, according to Graydon. The company highlights that it is still the second highest level of bankruptcies since 2005.


Wholesale bankruptcies have dropped as well, albeit very slowly (- 1.37 %, a drop of 10 bankruptcies in absolute numbers). Pretty much every other branch has double-digit drops.

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Facebook launches its Marketplace in Europe


In October 2016, Facebook launched a marketplace for used items in several countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States. That marketplace is now also coming to Belgium, the Netherlands and fifteen other European countries.

AS Adventure acquires German McTrek


Belgian outdoor chain AS Adventure has acquired its German competitor McTrek. The acquisition opens up the largest European outdoor market for the Belgians, thanks to McTrek’s 39 stores and web shop.

American department store chains continue to struggle


Several American department store chains continue to underperform. Both Macy’s and Kohl’s experienced turnover slumps compared to the previous year, even though they both managed to beat analysts’ expectations.

Amazon wants to compete with Ticketmaster


Amazon is in talks with American event location owners to see whether it could sell tickets for their events on its web shop.

Record turnover for Henkel


German Henkel has had a record second quarter, when turnover reached nearly 5.1 billion euro. For the first time ever, its six-month turnover surpassed the 10 billion euro milestone, thanks to its acquisition of laundry detergent company Sun.

Lion Capital once again wants to sell Hema


Lion Capital has approached business bank Credit Suisse to look into “strategic options” for Hema, which basically means it has to find an interested buyer for the Dutch store chain.

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