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Amazon builds new warehouse near Belgian and Dutch border

Amazon builds new warehouse near Belgian and Dutch border

American online retailer Amazon has unfolded plans for a new distribution center in the German city of Mönchengladbach. It will be located near the Dutch and Belgian border and most likely be used to service these markets.


Newest technology

According to the Rheinische Post, Amazon acquired a 100,000 sqm plot to build its newest distribution center and has already been given approval by the city council. The new distribution center will house the latest technology (including robots and computer-operated transport systems) and employ more than 1,000 employees.


It is not that remarkable that Amazon has decided to open yet another distribution center in Germany, because it already has eleven warehouses and several office buildings in the country. It also employs 12,000 people in Germany.


Near Belgium

However, it is the closest Amazon has come to the German-Belgian border, at only fifty kilometers. It is also close to the Netherlands, but that was already the case with the Rheinberg-located distribution center.


It is no surprise Amazon is slowly creeping towards the Netherlands and Belgium, because it recently launched a fully Dutch version of its German web shop and Amazon Prime is now also available in the region. The company is therefore now a clear competitor for local parties, like

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