Amazon launches new tablet

Internet rumours suggest that Amazon will join the American tablet market in the second half of 2011. A date for a European release is so far unknown – as is the name. Amazon hopes to reach peak sales of 800,000 tablets per month.


The device itself will be made by Taiwanese Qanta, current manufacturer of Blackberry and Sony's tablets. E Ink Holding, manufacturers of Kindle's screens, will produce the tablet's LCD screens.


To Google or not to Google?

The rumours have been around since last March, when Amazon launched an AppStore for Android, which is why analysts think that the new tablet will feature Google's operating system as well. Some guess that Amazon will choose for a customised version without several Google apps (like GMail or Google Voice), as using them would require a new, possibly expensive, deal with Google. Specialists would take that as a bad step, as they see Google's applications as a perfect complement for Amazon's retail network.


So far, nothing is yet officially announced about this new tablet, but analysts mentioned the probable deep integration of Amazon's web shops, much like iTunes is integrated in the iPad(2). Indeed, the new announcement is seen by many as a direct attack on Apple and its tablet market share of over 80%. Apple is not really amused, and has filed a complaint for Amazon's use of their patented name “App Store”.

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