Pixmania nears bankruptcy

Lower turnover

Pixmania now wants to focus on its position as a marketplace and to lower the company's costs. The safeguard procedure would give it 6 months to get things straightened out.


The web shop, launched in 2000, has been German Mutares' property since 2014. It was a pioneer in French online sales and then moved to physical stores with 10 stores of its own, which all shut down in 2013.


Back in 2010, the company's turnover reached 806 million euro, but the surge of other online companies forced the company down to a 295 million euro turnover in 2014. Several years ago, it employed 1,000 people, but that number has dwindled more than 50 %.

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Over the past quarter, Apple only sold half of the Apple Watch devices it sold last year in the same quarter. It also lost market share.


The French Federal Cartel Office approved Fnac's acquisition of Darty. Combined, it will become France's largest electronics retailer, worth nearly 8 billion euro in turnover.


The global sales of computers is still in a downward spiral: for the seventh straight quarter, the worldwide computer sales were below that of last year's level.


Samsung's financial results were boosted considerably thanks to the Galaxy S7 smartphone's incredible sales: operational profit in the second quarter will surpass 2015's second quarter by 17.4 %.


German household appliance manufacturer Miele is set to launch a full web shop in November, one that will also sell household appliances. Several retail partners will be enlisted to ship and install everything the customer ordered.


Darty Group's financial report shows that the company had a decent fiscal year, with growth for its (like-for-like) turnover and profit, although its Dutch subsidiary (electronics chain BCC) had a fourth straight onerous year.

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