Pixmania nears bankruptcy

Lower turnover

Pixmania now wants to focus on its position as a marketplace and to lower the company's costs. The safeguard procedure would give it 6 months to get things straightened out.


The web shop, launched in 2000, has been German Mutares' property since 2014. It was a pioneer in French online sales and then moved to physical stores with 10 stores of its own, which all shut down in 2013.


Back in 2010, the company's turnover reached 806 million euro, but the surge of other online companies forced the company down to a 295 million euro turnover in 2014. Several years ago, it employed 1,000 people, but that number has dwindled more than 50 %.

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Darty Group's financial report shows that the company had a decent fiscal year, with growth for its (like-for-like) turnover and profit, although its Dutch subsidiary (electronics chain BCC) had a fourth straight onerous year.


In the first quarter of 2016, global computer sales slumped another 12.5 % compared to last year's first quarter - the fourth quarter in a row that sales dropped more than 10 %.


Plenty of electronics contains little pieces of gold: on an annual basis, some 279,000 kg is used. Too often, child labour is involved in the acquisition of that gold, while few electronics companies seem to know where their gold comes from.


Chinese Qingdao Haier and American General Electric have officially signed the agreement regarding the sale of GE Appliances, with day-to-day operations still in the hands of the current management team.


Bax-shop, the music store with an enormous online popularity, opened an Italian web shop. It now has 7 country-specific web shops and it will also open a new store in Amsterdam.


Darty's board has asked its shareholders to accept Fnac's acquisition bid, which will put an end to any possible courting Darty may still receive from other parties.


Apple opened a new store in San Francisco, the first with a new store formula co-developed by Angela Ahrendts. Previously, she was Burberry's CEO and switched to Apple about one year ago.


At the publication of French Darty's quarterly results, its CEO Regis Schultz said he expects a major full-year profit increase compared to the year before.


American Twice's Consumer Electronics Retailers Report says Amazon is currently the world's second largest consumer electronics retailer, surpassing Walmart.


Sony has forecast full-year results that will not meet analysts' expectations, partly because of the costs related to a Japanese earthquake. However, smartphone component demand also dropped.


Smartwatch sales have more than tripled in the first quarter of 2016, compared to a year ago: that boils down to more than four million smartwatches in the past three months.


For the sixth straight quarter, tablet sales have dropped. In 2016's first quarter, 15 % fewer tablets were shipped compared to the year before, while market leaders Apple and Samsung even had to accept lower market shares in that shrinking market.

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