Microsoft announces 75 new US Stores

Following arch rival Apple's exuberant sales figures, Microsoft also published impressive growth statistics. Eclipsing analysts' expectations of 9%, Microsoft's 4.07 billion euro profits is a 30% rise compared to the year before.


While profits grew fast, the pseudo-monopolist's turnover grew 'only' 8% to a total of 12.2 billion euro. After a period of crisis and – therefore – IT cost reductions, many companies have invested in new software packages during the last year. 

Microsoft Stores to counter Apple?

Microsoft also announced to start applying an aggressive retail strategy, opening 75 new Microsoft Stores in the US alone in the next two years.  The IT giant will also open stores outside its home market, directly challenging Apple's hen with the golden eggs – the Apple Stores. 


This move comes as a surprise as the 11 existing stores have not yet generated any profit. Microsoft, being a software firm, can only display very few fancy products – which is exactly where its arch rival gets its buzz from. Another threat to Microsoft stores is that their products are also being offered by many other distributors.


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At the publication of French Darty's quarterly results, its CEO Regis Schultz said he expects a major full-year profit increase compared to the year before.


American Twice's Consumer Electronics Retailers Report says Amazon is currently the world's second largest consumer electronics retailer, surpassing Walmart.


Sony has forecast full-year results that will not meet analysts' expectations, partly because of the costs related to a Japanese earthquake. However, smartphone component demand also dropped.


Smartwatch sales have more than tripled in the first quarter of 2016, compared to a year ago: that boils down to more than four million smartwatches in the past three months.


For the sixth straight quarter, tablet sales have dropped. In 2016's first quarter, 15 % fewer tablets were shipped compared to the year before, while market leaders Apple and Samsung even had to accept lower market shares in that shrinking market.


Three electronics giants (Apple, Samsung and Sony) have published their results this week, showing that only Samsung managed to grow in the smartphone market over the past quarter.


Nintendo is to launch a new gaming console in March 2017, but the pressure is on: this device will have to make people forget about the Japanese technology company's abysmal past fiscal year.


French Fnac seems to have won the acquisition battle over competitor Darty, as South African competitor Steinhoff has issued a statement it will not increase its previous bid.


It is becoming very likely that Philips Lighting will head to the stock exchange as an independent company. Philips wants to split off the lighting division and focus entirely on health technology itself, but a regular sale to another company is also still an option.


French media group Vivendi has paid 159 million euro for a 15 % stake in multimedia chain Fnac, which will use the money to further support its digital development.


Redcoon, Media-Saturn's eCommerce subsidiary, is in the middle of a tax evasion scandal. If found guilty, it will have to pay millions in belated taxes.


South Korean technology company Samsung has had an excellent first quarter of 2016, mainly owing to the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

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