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Alibaba will sell cars from a vending machine

Buying a car should be as easy as buying a soda, according to Alibaba CEO Jack Ma. That is why the Chinese retailer has plans to sell cars from enormous automated machines.

“Gasoline and diesel a thing of the past in 2035”

A new ING report says that no one will manufacture any diesel or gasoline-powered cars in 2035. The researchers believe that an electric car will soon become cheaper than a traditional engine.

Volvo will ban traditional engines in 2019

From 2019 onward, Swedish car brand Volvo will only manufacture cars with a hybrid or electric engine, eliminating the traditional models entirely.

Order at Starbucks from a Ford car

Car manufacturer Ford revealed that its cars with SYNC3 voice technology can place orders at coffee chain Starbucks directly.

Dieselgate: Renault in trouble, search warrants for Audi and VW

The storm surrounding the dieselgate scandal may have passed, there is still an ongoing investigation: in Germany, investigators went to several Audi locations and to its parent company, Volkswagen. In France, a leaked report spells bad news for Renault.

Peugeot buys Opel from General Motors

French car company PSA Peugeot Citroën has paid 2.2 billion euro to acquire German car brand Opel from its current owner, American General Motors. Thanks to the deal, PSA Peugeot Citroën will become Europe's second largest car manufacturer.

Investments push Tesla into new losses

American electric car manufacturer Tesla has posted a 121 million dollar (115 million euro) net loss for its fourth quarter. Its previous quarter had resulted in a 21.9 million dollar (20 million euro) profit.

Peugeot confirms merger talks with Opel

French automobile group PSA, which owns brands like Peugeot and Citroën, is in preliminary talks with General Motors to see whether it can merge its own activities with two of GM's brands, German Opel and British Vauxhall.

Dutch Pal-V opens reservations for its flying car

Five years after its first test flight, Dutch Pal-V announced it is ready to start commercially selling its flying car, called Liberty. Not everyone will be able to afford it, because its cheapest model costs more than 300,000 euro.

Volkswagen is world's largest car manufacturer once again

After 4 years, car manufacturer Volkswagen has surpassed its major competitor Toyota again and can now boast to be the world's largest car seller. A remarkable feat considering its cheating software scandal.

Google moves car division into separate branch

Google has moved its car division into a separate branch called Waymo to investigate the opportunities for a self-driving car. Up until now, the research was part of Google X.

Volkswagen launches Uber clone MOIA

The Volkswagen group founded MOIA, a new division to focus on the on-demand transportation service meant to compete with other companies like Uber.

Fiat Chrysler starts online sales at Amazon

Car manufacturer Fiat Chrysler is going to sell some of its cars online, on the Amazon platform. The first step is to sell three models on Amazon's Italian web shop, with an additional discount to entice consumers.

Volkswagen cuts 30,000 jobs

German car manufacturer Volkswagen will cut 30,000 of its 610,000 jobs in order to save up to 3.7 billion euro per year. Germany is hit the hardest, with 23,000 jobs cut, although the company will not force anyone to leave.

Electric car sales up 20 %

European electric car sales have grown 20 % in the third quarter, compared to the year before. Almost three times as many electric cars were sold in Belgium this past quarter, while there was a sales decline in the Netherlands.

Volkswagen: improved full-year forecast after strong quarter

Has Volkswagen finally gotten out of the infamous Dieselgate scandal? After positive third quarter results, the board has now increased its full-year forecast. However, major lawsuits still threaten the German car builder.

First profit in 2 years' time for Tesla

Thanks to record sales, the American car manufacturer Tesla finally managed to have a profitable quarter.

14 billion dollar Dieselgate settlement for Volkswagen

The American courts approved a settlement proposal from Volkswagen surrounding Dieselgate: in total, the German car manufacturer will pay 14.7 billion dollars (nearly 14 billion euro).

Apple cuts plan to launch own car

Apple has shelved the plans for its own car: the team working on the plans had 1,000 employees, several hundred of them will now be out of a job.